Tesco Cisco, StyleMe Mirror, In-store media

Tesco digital pilot brings online experience to in-store shopping

With the drive towards a fully-integrated omni-channel experience, retailers are test driving any number of digital solutions to bridge the online and in-store experience. The trick is to find the right combination of technologies to keep the shopper engaged without oversaturating their experience.

Tesco Cisco, StyleMe Mirror, In-store media

The fortunate news for retailers just setting out is that countless hours of research have already been logged in this endeavor. According to an article on Retail Customer Experience, Tesco has teamed up with Cisco to implement their newest solution to meet shoppers’ demands.

From the article:

“Tesco is trialing an array of interactive technologies at three store locations across the U.K. The new customer-facing upgrades include a digital signage display that advertises clothing available through its F&F line, and a self-service touchscreen kiosk developed by Retec Interface where customers can peruse online items, use barcode scanners for product ratings, reviews and suggested accessories, and make purchases using chip-and-pin.

The move to couple the kiosk and digital signage was intentional, explained Retec CEO Graeme Derby.

‘The kiosk is there to sell a broader array than what they have in the store, and it allows people to order sizes that are out of stock,” Derby said. “The 46-inch Samsung screen then acts as an attraction to direct people to the kiosk, which is linked to the POS.’

In addition to the kiosk and digital signage, Tesco also is trialing the Kids StyleMe Mirror, a creation by C In-Store that uses augmented reality in hopes of engaging even the most uninterested shopper. In this case, a PrimeSense camera captures a child’s image and overlays it with pictures of clothing selected through a gesture-based interface.”