Apple iPad, POS Retail Solution, Shopper Marketing

Apple’s iPad and other POS solutions playing a larger role in retailer’s bottom lines

With many retail forecasts predicting the demise of the cash register by the end of the year, more and more brick-and-mortar stores are deploying point-of-sale solutions to create an easier checkout experience.

Apple iPad, POS Retail Solution, Shopper Marketing

Many retailers cite Apple’s iPad specifically for its ease of use and shallow learning curve. According to an article on TabTimes, “Apple’s iPad is increasingly currying favor with retailers for its ability to work as a mobile and relatively affordable point-of-sale (POS) device. But now new figures suggest that the tablet is even helping merchants to attain bigger revenues.”

“With the iPad tipped to phase out of the cash register over the next year, it came to little surprise when iPad point-of-sale provider ShopKeep reported some strong sales figures from its clients recently.The firm said that its merchants experienced a 17% in total sales in January over the same store sales from a year earlier.”

JC Penney is deploying a POS solution of their own according to Retail Customer Experience:

“JCPenney spokesperson Kate Coultas in Plano, Texas, said the company began using the new system in August when they launched their in-store Levi’s shops.”

“Nearly everyone on the sales floor of the JCPenney store at Columbia Center mall in Washington state is now carrying one of the devices capable of completing sales from anywhere in the store, the article reported.”