Apple's iPad, the last great disruptor, shopper marketing

Could the iPad be Apple’s last great disruptive product?

Apple has been a disruptor in the technology world for nearly thirty years. From personal computers to tablets, Apple has been a driving force for change both from a technological and aesthetic perspective. Remember how innovative those iMacs were that came in a number of different colors back in 2000?

Apple's iPad, the last great disruptor, shopper marketing

Some would speculate that the iPad is Apple’s last great device to disrupt the industry. Others, including TabTimes, believe that it is slightly more complex than that.

From TabTimes:

“While Apple continues to deliver record sales and record profits, the financial community seems to think that Apple is done innovating and disrupting markets. Their demands for outlandish quarterly profits have sunk Apple’s stock over the last seven months and I have heard some even suggest that Apple has peaked and it’s downhill from here on in.”

“However, if you study Apple’s history, especially since Steve Jobs returned to the company in 1997, Apple’s actual cycle of creating innovative and disruptive products is around three-to-four years on average. In the case of the time span from the iPod to the iPhone, it was actually 7 years.”