Starbucks Duracell Powermat, Shopper Marketing

Starbucks picks Boston for pilot test of wireless charging, in partnership with Duracell Powermat

If you’ve deemed yourself a non-essential worker and are riding out Hurricane Sandy at your neighborhood Starbucks, you may get a chance to be the first to try something new today: juicing up your phone with a wireless charging system made by Duracell Powermat.

Starbucks Duracell Powermat, Shopper Marketing

The caffeine purveyor has chosen 17 locations around the Boston area for a “limited time in-store trial for wireless charging,” in the words of Starbucks chief digital officer Adam Brotman. “We’re building the Powermat technology into some of the tabletops, just to get a sense for how our customers will react, compared to having to plug their mobile devices into the wall.”

And if you don’t already own an accessory for your iPhone or Samsung Galaxy that allows it to soak up electricity via inductive charging — the same technology that may already be keeping your electric toothbrush powered up — Starbucks may have a few freebie and loaner connectors. “A few weeks into the test, we’ll do some in-store giveaways, and we will have some behind the counter available to loan out,” says Brotman.

The first three stores where the technology is being installed are all in the Financial District: One Financial Center, 125 Summer Street, and 101 Federal Street.

Starbucks rolled out free WiFi in all its stores two years ago, in mid-2010. While the chain hasn’t yet made the decision to roll out wireless charging everywhere, Brotman says that “customers are coming into our stores every day with mobile devices, and putting them down on the table. If they could be charging their device at the same time, then we’ve connected with that customer and met their need, maybe even before they realized they had a need for wireless charging.”

[via Boston]