Verizon Retail, Shopper Marketing, Restaurants

Verizon Retail Store Partners with Restaurant to Enhance Customer Experience

Thanks to its partnership with a Verizon Wireless retail store, Kitchen 67 Brann’s Café, a new fast casual restaurant created by Johnny Brann Jr., not only specializes in breakfast, lunch and dinner, but it also serves its Michigan customers a hefty portion of technology.

Verizon Retail, Shopper Marketing, Restaurants

Verizon recently opened a new store concept in an adjacent 3,600-square-foot space accessible from inside Kitchen 67. A digital queue in the restaurant gives visitors waiting for service at Verizon the flexibility to grab food while keeping their place in line; they’re notified via digital screen in the restaurant when it is their turn. Restaurant diners may also venture into the Verizon side to play with smartphones, tablets and other devices while they wait on their food.

“Verizon Wireless is the ideal neighbor for Kitchen 67,” Brann Jr., said. “Our tech-forward concept compliments Verizon’s innovative products and services. The collaborative efforts we are working on will enhance the customer experience for our customers and theirs.”

Most of Kitchen 67’s menu is under $10 and includes steak burgers, Sizzle Wraps and hot-pressed sandwiches. Pastries, scones, custom-roasted K67 Coffee, beer and wine are also available.

[via Retail Customer Experience]

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