macy's amazon, retail localization

Macy’s Challenges Amazon For Same-Day Delivery

Retail stores are racing to develop yet another tool to help the lazy stay on their couches — delivering online shopping packages the day they are ordered.

macy's amazon, retail localization

Macy’s, the Cincinnati-based department store, is now competing with online retailers eBay and Amazon to get products to shoppers the quickest. Its new order fulfillment system, which allows stores to ship items anywhere, will position the company to later try same-day delivery, chief financial officer Karen Hoguet said on a conference call Wednesday morning.

“If we decide it is an important need for the customer, I think we’re going to be very well-positioned to do” same-day delivery, said Houget. “We’re much better positioned to do so, than [Amazon] will be.”

Same-day delivery is a kind of holy grail for online shopping — the closest a customer can get to blinking and having an item appear. While buying a product online is already quicker and easier in many ways than going to a store, eliminating the wait for packages will remove one of the last barriers to instant gratification.

For many floundering brick-and-mortar retailers, same-day delivery is a threat to one of the only things keeping them afloat. But Macy’s hopes its physical store base will give it an edge over online retailers, which will have to invest in new warehouses in order to fulfill local orders quickly.

[via Huffington Post]

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