Top and Bottom 5 Retailers of July

The second half of the year will be make-or-break for both ends of the retail spectrum. Can retailers in the bottom five rebuild for a dramatic turnaround to make 2012 a success? Can those in the top five maintain a lead? While several retailers have been missing expectations, others have been outperforming the market. According to Thomson Reuters, three-quarters of retailers reporting results beat expectations for comparable store sales in July. Overall, retailers have seen the strongest sales in the northeast and Midwest, a sign that despite shoppers caution, they may be beginning to find a sense of security.


“Retailers have been so cautious in the past six months in every area of expense as well as controlling inventories, that they are positioned for excellent financial performance for back-to-school and headed into Holiday,” said analyst J. Philip Leichliter of J. Philip Group LLC. “Off-pricers have a strong position because they have benefitted well from the customers they picked up and retained during the recession, and are very focused on their merchandise strategy and continue to reduce inventories and increase turn.”

Of the 20 retailers tracked by same-store sales results, here are the top five and bottom five retailers in July:

[via RIS News]

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