Starbucks, Energy Conservation Competition, Shopper Marketing

Starbucks to Pit Stores Against Each Other to Save Energy

Lucid, innovator and pioneer provider of real-time feedback technology for buildings, is spearheading a study of resource consumption and behavior change with Starbucks Coffee Company. Developed in conjunction with the Snohomish County Public Utility District (PUD) and Portland Energy Conservation Inc. (PECI), the pilot project will be hosted by 10 Starbucks stores in Snohomish County, and will serve to test and document measurable energy savings in retail locations.

Starbucks, Energy Conservation Competition, Shopper Marketing

The program encourages Starbucks employees to identify conservation strategies that will reduce the amount of energy required to run their stores while not impacting customer service. The pilot project, funded in part by a grant from the Bonneville Power Administration, will evaluate energy savings derived by providing energy use data to employees, coupled with friendly competition among stores.

The pilot pairs a 30-day competition among 10 Starbucks stores with Lucid’s Building Dashboard® platform to promote behavior change through real-time energy usage information, employee engagement and focused energy savings strategies. It complements a broad range of energy efficiency and sustainability goals embraced by Starbucks throughout its retail locations.

[via Eater}

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