The Body Shop tests ‘entertailing’ in Britian

The Body Shop on New Bond Street in London is more than a store; it’s an oasis of calm, according to, and the prototype for a new “experience based” store known as the Pulse concept. The retailer, with 2,600 locations in more than 60 countries, is testing the new interactive retailing model that includes information and conversation areas designed to encourage customers to linger as they flow through the store. It’s a trend the industry has dubbed “entertailing.”


Shoppers can receive hand massages while listening to stories at the “story table” and checking out the community wall featuring handmade notices about the city’s events. They can test a variety of products for sale, including ointments, lotions and makeup.

“We found that the average amount of time a consumer spends in our prototype stores has doubled, from an average of five minutes to more than 10. This shows a depth of interaction and communication we have witnessed,” Sophie Gasperment, executive chairwoman of the Body Shop International, said in the story.

The Body Shop isn’t the only retailer embracing entertailing. Oher examples include the Apple’s Genius Bar and the hands-on approach at the Build-a-Bear Workshop. Entertailing is simply giving customers something to do that will make them want to stay longer. The activities facilitate interaction with the brand.

[via retailcustomerexperience]

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