Petrobras Distribuidora, Cisco Cius, Retail Localization, Tablets

Cisco’s Cius tablet aids customers at futuristic Brazilian gas station

Petrobras Distribuidora, a subsidiary of both Intel and leading gasoline supplier Petrobas, implemented Cisco’s Cius tablet at a ‘Gas Station of the Future’ in Rio de Janeiro last month.

Petrobras Distribuidora, Cisco Cius, Retail Localization, Tablets

Cisco says that the 7-inch Cius is being used by the gas station so that customers can approach the tablet and talk to Petrobas Distribuidora specialists in real-time via TelePresence. The customers can also use this videoconferencing solution to gather information on maintenance activities (such as oil changes) offered through the station.

The tablet can also be used for voice access to customer service agents, for viewing product catalogs and for searching monthly promotions. Furthermore, the tablet can be used to search for specific addresses in the city. The home screen of the Cius has been customized for the gasoline station, and a picture of how it looks can be seen below.

The Cius weighs just 520g and offers a host of collaboration tools, including TelePresence, its video conferencing solution. The tablet is based on Android 2.2 and offers enterprise-grade security, as well as a raft of business-friendly tools.

The tablet was launched in the US last August and has since come to an array of other countries, including India. Cisco recently said that it plans to upgrade the Cius to Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0), and launch two additional enterprise tablets later this year.

[via TabTimes]

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