Bloomingdale’s holiday windows bring the store’s shopping bags to life

Vintage is hot at Bloomingdale’s this season, even in the department store’s holiday windows.

Five display cases, to be unveiled Wednesday night along the Lexington Ave. side of the 59th St. flagship store, will bring to life holiday shopping bags from years past.

“When we came up with the concept of the shopping bags, we really wanted some Bloomingdale’s DNA in our holiday window presentation,” says John Klimkowski, operating vice president and creative director of visual and merchandising presentation.

“So many customers love and collect our bags, and we love the artistry that the bags bring to our seasonal campaigns,” he adds. “I get such a kick out of being on the train and seeing, just in my one train car, three different campaigns of Bloomingdale’s bags that customers are still carrying around and enjoy.”

Klimkowski compares choosing his favorite vintage window of the five with a parent deciding which child they like best, but he eventually offers one up — “Penguin With Coveted Holiday Gift.” It’s based on a Bloomingdale’s paper bag from the 1992 holiday season.

“The bag shows a penguin coveting a gift package, reminiscent of how a penguin hatches its egg,” he explains. “So when the window opens, as a surprise, the babies are hatched and it’s spring. They all have their sunglasses on and are walking around.”

It’s one of two vintage bags that spin on a turntable, to show both an imprint of the actual shopping bag inspiration on one side and then the interior diorama on the other. The remaining three bags open up to reveal their designs.

A “Santa and Reindeer” window has roots in a 1978 bag that showed the Christmas characters ice-skating on the East River.

“That bag [in the display] opens up and you find Santa and the reindeer skating in Central Park with other skaters,” Klimkowski. “To bring it into the world of today, they are skating with their iPods.

[via New York Daily News]

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