Family Dollar Retail Localization

Family Dollar Opens 500 Stores, Remodels 1,000

Courtesy of Retail Info Systems

Family Dollar Retail Localization

A major remodel of 1,000 stores in fiscal 2011 has resulted in a 5.5% increase in comp store sales for the year for Family Dollar, prompting the retailer to open up to 500 stores and remodel an addition 1,000 existing locations in 2012. In addition, the retailer will continue to invest in expanding its assortment and training its workforce to increase customer satisfaction.

In addition to raising customer service standards, new store layouts include a refresh of the building façade, exterior signage and navigational signage. Family Dollar executives report that the company also leveraged new fixtures to increase capacity and simplify restocking processes.

“With an increased focus on customer service, refreshed store layouts and an expanded assortment of consumables, we have improved the shopping experience in our store and strengthened the Family Dollar brand,” said Howard R. Levine, CEO of Family Dollar, on a recent call with financial analysts. “This year, we intend to increase customer loyalty and continue to improve the shopping experience.”

Family Dollar’s focus on improving customer service is working, as the company has received positive response so far from customer surveys.

“I think the most important thing is that the remodeled stores are positioned much better to provide customer service and it’s a much more compelling place to shop,” says Kenneth T. Smith, CFO of Family Dollar. “That’s evidenced by not only the customer surveys that we received, but also the fact that they’re buying more. This program is positioning us nicely with our customer, and we feel great about it as indicated by our decision to continue the very aggressive pace of the program.”

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