Moving Retail Operations from the Stone Age to the Digital Age: Part 2 – Create a Single Platform for the Merchandising Process

While physical limitations prevent stores from being as fast as the Internet retail channel, multi-channel retailers have taken steps to speed up their brick-and-mortar operations by implementing three key strategies.

Retail Localization, Single Merchandising Platform

In Part 1, we talked about how in-store execution is critical to the success of any retail operation. In this post, we outline a single platform to streamline the merchandising process.

Merging merchandising processes to one platform; opening visual two-way communication channels with store employees; and leveraging business rules to automate the process of delivering more localized campaigns.

Create A Single Platform for the Merchandising Process.

Today, most retailers use a number of different systems to execute in-store merchandising and data collection. As a result, the cross-functional teams attempting to collaborate have an ill-defined set of tasks and little means to hold one another accountable for moving the process forward. Data silos are created and teams make decisions based only on the data available to them.

A single platform also enables retailers to extend the reach and relationship with their product suppliers, giving them insight into the merchandising process. This is becoming increasingly important as brands are demanding proof of execution, particularly as they make decisions about whether to allocate their marketing budgets to in-store or direct-to-consumer digital channels.

Given the complexity of executing campaigns, retailers that are succeeding offer stakeholders a unified platform where all campaigns, assets, tasks and messages are stored. Having this single view ensures everyone is on the same page.

We’ve seen a migration to this type of approach be successful in many other business processes, such as sales force, supply chain and marketing automation.

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