Top 5 Supermarkets by Region

Courtesy of RIS

Top 5 Supermarkets, Retail Localization

Competition between supermarkets is multi-faceted. For retailers who can’t compete with the prices offered by everyday low price retailers like Walmart and Costco, offering a great customer experience is the key they need to differentiate themselves and to survive long-term.

“For grocers looking to compete with the Walmarts and Costcos of the world, they must differentiate on the customer experience,” says Brian Jones, vice president of grocery with customer experience management solutions provider Empathica. “It’s difficult to battle with them on price across all products and categories, so to survive long-term, brands need to compete in a different way — that means being smarter about how they deal with their customers.”

Empathica’s Consumer Insights Panel recently surveyed more than 16,000 North American consumers on how well grocery stores deliver on customer service expectations. The panel selected the most important customers for each brand — those who said they spend 50% or more of their money at that particular grocer.

The consumers were asked to rank the stores based on five primary service areas: merchandise, promotions, operations, people and technology. Based on these criteria, the survey ranked Wegmans Food Markets as the top grocer overall in the U.S. Walmart ranked among the lowest based on four of the five service areas: operations, people, promotions and merchandise. A&P, C&S Wholesale Grocers and Unified Grocers also ranked among the lowest across all five service areas.

Below are the survey results showing the top preferred grocers by region based on consumers’ rankings of the overall customer experience.

1. Giant Eagle
2. Meijer Inc.
3. Kroger Co.
4. Hy-Vee Food Stores
5. Aldi

1. Wegmans Food Markets
2. Delhaize America
3. Ahold USA
4. Wakefern Food Corp.
5. Giant Eagle

1. Harris Teeter
2. Publix Super Markets
3. Kroger Co.
4. H.E. Butt Grocery Co.
5. Safeway

1. Kroger Co.
2. Safeway
3. Supervalu
4. Costco Wholesale Corp.
5. WinCo Foods

Courtesy of RIS

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