Merchandising Across Channels

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Traditionally in retail, merchandising refers to the selection of products a retailer has available for sale and how those products are displayed in-store. The goal is to display products in a way that stimulates interest and entices customers to make a purchase.

Retail Localization Artwork, Visual Merchandising

Today, retail goes beyond the physical store with more customers shopping online and on their smartphones. As retail continues to expand into multiple channels, merchandising solutions are also expanding to include the appropriate functions to manage these new and emerging channels.

Merchandising Across Channels, Retail Localization

This month’s Vendor Landscape focuses on customer-centric merchandising solutions that work not only on the physical store level, but the online and mobile channels as well. These targeted and end-to-end solutions cover merchandise planning, store planning, store clustering, assortment planning, space planning and allocation/replenishment. RIS lists some of the major merchandising vendors and highlights some recent retailer deployments.

Merchandising on the Floor

RBM Technologies is making its merchandising solutions more accessible by making its Visual Merchandising Manager Mobile now available for the Cisco Cius tablet. The Cisco Cius brings VMM out from the back office and on to the sales floor to drive precise execution at the point of sale. With VMM on a tablet, retailers can execute merchandising and marketing tasks faster and with more precision for the best possible customer experience.

Improving Profits

Since 2010, Holiday Station stores experienced success using Revionics’ Life Cycle Price Optimization, which provides analytical detail, forecasts results and provides analysis of sales trends, allowing the retailer to be proactive to demand with pricing strategy and shape consumer behavior. As a result, the convenience store chain improved profit margins at its 400 stores in 10 states and the company is on track to achieve the gross profit improvement it anticipated.

Enhancing Inventory

Modell’s Sporting Goods gained the benefits of reliable and consistent data and better control over and reduction of its inventory by implementing the JDA Merchandise Management System from Retail Process Engineering (RPE). “We needed an end-to-end, robust merchandise management solution that offered core merchandising, warehousing and financial capabilities and could enhance inventory and management efficiencies,” says Hans Kantor, vice president of IT for Modell’s. “This degree of change is seldom tackled and even less frequently successfully accomplished.”

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