What is Retail Localization?

Retail localization is simple, market-specific campaign planning and execution of targeted communications by placing the right products and messaging in the right store, at the right time and on the right fixture.

Retail Localization Merchandising Matters Interior
Retail Localization, at the fixture level


Taking into consideration timing, demographics, and store size, this data driven solution can result in higher sales while recovering millions of dollars lost at the fixture level. If content does not make it onto the correct fixture, the company has wasted every dollar spent creating, producing and shipping that item.

5 Key Factors of Retail Localization

  1. No two stores are the same.

  2. Mapping the unique attributes of each store ensures the right content is delivered.

  3. Increased pipeline efficiency decreases waste reduction and saves the company money and time.

  4. Savvy retailers consider location-specific campaigns to drive revenue and as a way to increase the frequency of marketing campaigns.

  5. Compliant stores realize that securing the right content on the right fixture at an exact time is essential for any profitable business.

Retail Localization Fixture Level Drawing
Retail Localization, Fixture Level Drawing


Corporate teams can only set direction and develop strategies based on the information available to them. With accurate historical store reporting and analytics support, those critical decisions translate into effective, high-growth revenue and brand strategies.

In order to ensure that every piece of content makes it onto the correct fixture at the right time, retailers must implement a retail localization plan specific to their market.

Flawless execution in each step of the process is critical for success.

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