Shopper Marketing Gains Momentum

Courtesy of Inside Retail

Shopper Marketing

Results of the second Australian industry study on shopper marketing reflect a growing discipline that is gaining support, resources, momentum and understanding.

The next step is to ‘join the dots’ in shopper marketing planning, delivery and measurement, according to POPAI.

The 2011 POPAI/ShopAbility Shopper Marketing Industry Survey is the follow up study to the first Australian benchmark survey conducted in 2010, and a good deal of change has happened in a short time, according to study author, ShopAbility’s Norrelle Goldring.

“Whilst shopper marketing is a relatively new discipline in Australia, it is gathering pace as an umbrella that can now integrate category, marketing and sales functions into seamless planning and delivery for better shopper engagement,” Goldring said.

The findings report, entitled Shopper Marketing 2011 – Joining the Dots, provides a follow up tracker of where shopper marketing is at in Australia versus 2010 – attitudes, status, activities, successes and roadblocks. A representative industry sample of 126 participated.

Shopper marketing enhances the shopping experience, contributes to topline growth and assists in retailer/manufacturer collaboration, according to 80 per cent of respondents. Further to this, 75 per cent believe it helps build brand equity (either or both of the retailer and manufacturers’ brands), and 60 per cent believe it helps drive innovation and product development.

Read the full article at Inside Retail

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