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RBM’s assessment allows retailers to understand where they match up against the industry when it comes to merchandising execution. Scores are to be viewed as a work in progress and constantly moving/evolving. The purpose of the index is to ensure movement is always forward, there will be giant leaps and small steps along the way, as well as setbacks and learning curves. Retailers who are succeeding are tackling the issues and moving forward in earnest.


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What does good look like?

Effective merchandising execution enables a consistent brand experience, and has been shown to increase store sales conversion rates, reduce the cost of inventory and promotional collateral, and to reduce staff time spent on merchandising activity. This site is dedicated to furthering the industry’s understanding of it.

For a more detailed exploration of merchandising execution put into practice, please download the white paper below.


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A disciplined approach to merchandising execution can:


Merchandising execution shown in store

  • Drive incremental store traffic through more frequent new offers, promotions and products
  • Increase sales conversion rates on existing store visits
  • Reduce the amount of time store associates spend on non-customer-facing activity
  • Keep pace with the e-commerce side of the brand
  • Evolve merchandising techniques to enable more spontaneous discovery and purchase